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Physical and mental wellness plays a critical role in the success of students. The College of Saint Rose recognizes the importance of providing support, 在需要的时候, through our Counseling 服务 and Health Center.


Navigate Election Season

Election 资源 for members of our Saint Rose 社区

The gravity of the upcoming election has already begun to weigh on many individuals in our community and nation. Click here to find a wealth of resources to help you navigate your own emotions and strategies for having difficult discussions with others.

Medical providers are available in the Health Service Monday – Friday as posted at the beginning of the semester. The phone number for the Health Service is (518) 454-5244. If medical attention is required when the Health Service is closed, students should contact their Resident Assistant or 安全 at (518) 454-5187.

Personal counselors are available in the Counseling Center between the hours of 8:30 and 5:00 (Monday through Friday), with some limited evening hours for groups and individual counseling. The phone number for the Counseling Center is (518) 454-5200. In the event of a psychiatric crisis requiring immediate attention during non-business hours, Counseling Center 工作人员 can be contacted via 居住生活 staff or Campus 安全 at (518) 454-5187.

研讨会 & Initiatives on Campus: